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Should I take a Birth Class if I want an epidural? Or if i'm not sure what I want?

Absolutely! No matter your plans for your birth experience, this class will open your eyes to the miracle of birth and dispel many of the mysteries. The class will also empower your partner, giving him or her the confidence to be an effective advocate for you and your baby, which will definitely be imperative if you plan to medicate. The beauty of education is it affords you the luxury of being able to make smart decisions for yourself.

Can't I take the hopsitals class?

Please understand what a TREMENDOUS value these classes are—you will receive around 25 hours of instruction! A hospital class gives you some information, but they have a vested interest in the information they share. Hospital classes are much shorter with less information and are much larger, lacking personal attention. In contrast, my classes are small and incorporate sufficient time to learn how to work together as a
team to bring your child into this world and have a healthy, happy pregnancy.

How big is the class?

The class is intentionally kept small enough for everyone to feel comfortable to ask questions, yet large enough for interaction and support from each other. I can currently accommodate up to 5 couples.

How much does it cost?

The 10 week Class is $400

Signup is for two people, the mother and her chosen coach. In addition to the class options listed above you will receive a wealth of resources, customized birth plan building, email access to your teacher for prenatal concerns, discounts on other birth services offered and light organic snacks every class (when meeting in person).
I work with families of all incomes, so payment plans are available.